Technical english book


Manuel Alberto Luis Manrique Nugent
Universidad Autonoma de Ica
Julissa Graciela Chávez Cruz
Universidad Nacional del Callao
Lizangela Aurelia Hinojosa Yzarra
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Huanta
Graciela Chela Quispe Gonzales
Universidad Continental

Palabras clave:

Aprendizaje, enseñanza, capacidades


The strategies of the methodological development of this Book was to use the tools that help to manage the teaching of skills learning techniques, the same ones that will be applied in the development of the topics taught in the chapters of the book, involving a set of activities leading to achieving an Educational development of ESL, English Second Language to improve the traditional forms that cause the barriers of the old techniques of teaching a language, having to use the method in this qualitative research, of a type with a focus more on the result of the surveys elaborated. given to the direct public of the different academies, and Language institutes of the various Public and Private universities of Peru. This teaching approach is an elaboration that will lead to the sustainable and inclusive social and economic support of the community. The objective is to determine the Sustainable Education tool. The book: Technical English Book, 2023 with which it can be seen that thanks to this research it reflects that it will be a potential instrument which is of a Technical type, due to its pedagogical, methodological instrumentation using the relevant indicators of the forms of friendly dialogue, joining the affirmations in sentences, the simple sentences of a yes or a no, looking for a small answer and increasing with greater words of affirmations, pronouncements, using simple present verbs, also using adverbs, corrections spelling errors in example sentences. Bearing in mind that describing and analyzing the situation of the educational market that could be seen from those who teach and learn.



julio 19, 2023


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